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   Mac Adams

World Patterns and Fables, tile murals 1996


World Patterns and Fables

Completion Date:



Ceramic tiles, mosaic murals




P.S. 20


142-30 Barclay Avenue, Queens


Eliseo Bostwick & Purcell

Sponsor Agency:

Board of Education

Design Agency:

School Construction Authority

Mac Adams's World Patterns and Fables consists of four large-scale ceramic and mosaic murals, two located in the hallways and two in the enclosed play area of P.S. 20. The artist researched fables and textile prints from countries that represent the multi-ethnic community in which the school is located. Within each mural are mosaic disks that depict silhouettes of the animal characters from the fables. Each of the mosaic disks is surrounded by samples of textile prints.

About the Artist...
Mac Adams is both a sculptor and a photographer. He has completed over 50 solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Japan. In addition he has completed several permanent installations, among the most notable, the Korean War Memorial in Battery Park, New York City, and Meditation commissioned by the city of Strasbourg, France for the Louis Pasteur University Botanical Gardens.

Artist Quote...
I believe each project requires a different design solution. Successful public art projects utilize the ear as much as the eye. In the case of P.S. 20, by listening to the requests of the principal and teachers, I was able to filter their needs for a multi-ethnic solution which reflected the very diverse student body and surrounding community.
-- Adams, 1997