The Home Energy Assistance Program Can Help You Stay Warm Through Winter

No one should have to choose between staying warm and other essentials like food and rent.

New York City Reduces Veteran Homelessness By 64 Percent

Being without a home is a serious situation for anyone, but when homelessness affects those who have risked their lives for their country, we have a special obligation to help.

Commissioner Banks Testifies at City Council Hearing on Hunger
Commissioner Banks describes how HRA is working to fight hunger and food insecurity. 
HRA Chief Special Services Officer Daniel Tietz Honored for Efforts to End the AIDS Epidemic in New York
Daniel Tietz, HRA’s Chief Special Services Officer, was recently honored by the New York State Department of Health for his work on Governor Cuomo’s Bending the Curve initiative.
HRA Awarded USDA Grant to Improve Staff Skills and Help Them Serve Clients Better
HRA’s SNAP program was recently awarded a USDA grant to help staff acquire the skills they need to serve clients better.

HRA’s Central Rental Processing Unit Earns Commendation from Commissioner Banks

New Yorkers facing eviction who turn to HRA for help will get emergency assistance faster thanks to HRA’s Central Rental Processing Unit.

Commissioner Banks Discusses Agency Reforms on NBC

An investigative piece by NBC explains HRA reforms recently announced by Commissioner Banks aimed at preventing homelessness and effectively helping clients towards employment while avoiding potential financial penalties for the City.