Central Insurance Program

The Central Insurance Program (CIP), located at 220 Church Street, serves the insurance needs of almost 1,200 not-for-profit contractors who do business with six different human services agencies in the City:

  • Administration for Children's Services
  • Department for the Aging
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Department of Homeless Services
  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Department of Youth and Community Development

  • CIP provides comprehensive general liability, workers' compensation, disability, and a host of employee benefit programs to more than 62,000 employees of these vendor agencies, saving the City millions of dollars a year in insurance premium costs. In addition, the CIP provides in-house consulting services on risk management and insurance coverage to a wide range of City agencies, as well as other publicly funded entities such as the City University of New York, and the Health and Hospitals Corporation.

    In the Central Insurance Program’s more than fifteen years of operation, it has many accomplishments and achievements to be proud of, but none seems as important as the ability to reduce the number of accidents and injuries to the public in City-funded facilities and programs. Its client population encompasses the homebound elderly, the disabled, home care workers, pre-school age children in day care centers, youngsters in after-school programs and senior citizens using recreational and social facilities.

    Many of the approaches that have been used successfully, from early and caring accident intervention, to playground padding, pedestrian safety tips and back belts for lifting patients, have derived from common sense, state of the art studies, and the desire to work with the insured to create a "culture of safety."

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